The 2024 Market season is here!

July 27th - Creative Market Fayetteville 9am- Noon

August 17th - Sharpsburg Market 10am-2pm

October 19th - Senoia Farmer’s Market 8am-Noon

November 16th - Sharpsburg Market 10am-2pm

November 23rd - Senoia Farmer’s Market 8am-Noon

(More dates will be added as they are scheduled!)

our products

Enjoy a variety of unique and decadent creations...

Rich flavor combinations paired with classic favorites...

A French confection...perfection

baked creations

chocolate covered honeycomb candy

$14/8oz or $25/16oz

pecan lace cookie w/orange buttercream

$13.50/6 or $27/dozen

cake pops

starting at $24/dozen (min order one dozen)

cinnamon rolls w/cream cheese frosting


Swedish Cardamom Buns

$23/half dozen

giant 11-inch chocolate chip cookie w ​buttercream frosting


mini cheesecake

starting at $28/dozen

chocolate covered pretzel sticks


chocolate truffle cake

full size $50 or half dozen minis $36

triple layered, 4in chocolate chip cookie cake


mini bundt cakes

$4.50 each

italian profiteroles

$60/two dozen

classic cupcakes

$15/6 or $28/dozen

cake flavors:

chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon, spiced chocolate, coconut, ​banana, key lime, red velvet

buttercream frosting flavors:

vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lemon, coconut, chocolate hazelnut, ​cream cheese, salted caramel, peanut butter, key lime, cookies and ​cream, Irish cream, Biscoff

(other flavor options and/or gluten free may be available upon request, cost ​may vary)

specialty cupcakes

$24/6 or $42/dozen

German Chocolate ... chocolate cake, coconut pecan filling and chocolate ​buttercream

Black Forest ... chocolate cake, brandied cherry compote, whipped cream cheese ​topping

Tiramisu ... vanilla cake, coffee/Kahlua soak, Kahlua mascarpone filling, ​whipped cream cheese topping

Maple Bourbon Bacon ... bourbon pecan cake, maple bourbon

bacon buttercream, bourbon caramel sauce, candied bacon

Chocoholic ... chocolate cake, chocolate ganache center, chocolate

buttercream, chocolate truffle

Boston Cream Pie .. vanilla cake, vanilla custard filling, whipped chocolate

ganache frosting

Salted Caramel .. vanilla or chocolate cake, salted caramel center, salted

caramel buttercream, chocolate covered caramel rose

Lemon Blueberry ... lemon cake, lemon curd center, blueberry buttercream

Pina Colada ... coconut cake, pineapple rum compote, coconut rum buttercream

individual cake cups

$4.75 ea/ minimum order of 6 per flavor

a layered version of any of the above cupcake

flavors in an individual 5 oz cup with lid.

(other flavor options may be available upon request.

cost may vary.)


lemon drop


vanilla bean


chocolate ganache

almond coconut

cookies and cream

strawberry lemonade

irish cream

chocolate hazelnut


strawberries & cream

whipped vanilla bean ganache

raspberry pistachio

$28 per dozen

macaron roses $36/dozen

minimum order 1 dozen, with up to 2 ​flavors per dozen

lemon meringue


key lime pie

pina colada

cardamom chai spice

german chocolate

salted caramel

lemon raspberry (aka "the BB")

peanut butter chocolate

pistachio cream

peach bourbon

apple pie





phone: 678.457.5347

instagram: deliciousmessbyjess



what our customers say

"The macarons are perfect...the kiddos loved their cake pops. The cupcakes were moist and the frosting was amazing!"

Andrea P.

"I am so excited to have found the DM bakery. I ordered the coconut cupcakes. They were moist and delicious...not to mention how pretty everything looks and is packaged. Going to keep in mind when giving gifts, especially to myself!"

Evonne P.

"I love DM by Jess! Her deserts and treats ARE delicious and she offers such creative flavors. I appreciate her attention to detail and the love she puts into everything she makes."

Sharon H.

"Her macarons are my favorite! Oh, wait, maybe the cherry forest cupcake was! And the tiramisu cupcake deserves a mention, Yum!"

Stacy M.

about us

Delicious Mess (by jess) is a cottage food bakery based out of Grantville, GA. Owner (and baker) Jessica Morris, has been baking for over 15 years. Her delicious mess creations range from simple classics to indulgent gourmet treats. Order for small or large events, parties, showers, or just to enjoy yourself (who needs to share?!?) Her custom orders and specialty items can make your guests at any event agree's delicious!

Make sure to follow @deliciousmessbyjess on instagram for flash sales, treat boxes, and exciting new flavors!